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Information for prospective partners, suppliers and employees.

Information for organisations and individuals wishing to work with us as dealers or service providers and for prospective employees.


We're always on the hunt for new, high-quality materials and components in our constant drive to improve the efficiency and durability of our trailers and transporters.

If you think you have a high quality product or service that we would find appropriate, please get in touch.


Dealers and service providers

We actively seek partners who can act as dealers for our products or who are interested in becoming certified local service providers to our customers.

If your organisation would like the chance to work with us in either of these capacities, we'd like to hear from you - ring today.



We value talented, enthusiastic individuals in all areas of our business. We train many of our staff in-house through rolling apprenticeship schemes.

If you think you have something to offer the Houghton Parkhouse team, send us your CV.