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Learn why we're still at the forefront of our industry after more than six successful decades.


Why does Houghton Parkhouse remain at the forefront of design innovation in livestock transporter manufacturing after more than sixty successful years?

For over sixty years, we've listened to our customers and used their feedback over the working life of their transporters to refine our designs


Our award-winning designers are driven by their desire to ensure each new Houghton Parkhouse product sets a new standard for our industry.

For over sixty years, we've listened to our customers and used their feedback over the working life of their transporters to refine our designs.

The result has been six decades of industry-leading innovations, from the first steel box-framed transporters of the 1950s to today's groundbreaking Platinum range.

This same ethos has led us into collaborations with Defra and other government bodies that have improved welfare standards across the livestock transport industry.



Houghton Parkhouse transporters have an average lifespan of 20 years and enjoy excellent resale values. 

From high-grade steels and aluminium alloys to the final coat of Fleetwatch(TM) Assured paint, our craftsmen build in quality at every turn.

Our engineers are always looking for materials and processes that will improve the performance and durability of our transporters.

And when it comes to components, we need to be satisfied that every one of them will keep on working year after year - even in the most demanding roles - before they're considered for inclusion in one of our products.



Human and animal welfare lie at the heart of everything we do.

The size and movement of animals in transit create dynamic forces that fluctuate throughout a journey and can test a transporter's design to the limits.

Our unparalleled experience and co-operation with breeders and hauliers allows us to design and manufacture transporters that withstand these forces and deliver animals safely and in top condition with a minimum of stress.

Our transporters make life safer and easier for drivers too.

From deck locking systems to something as simple as a 'slam catch', we pay attention to detail and strive to minimise the work of loading and cleaning so that drivers are fresh and alert for the drive.



From design through to sales, servicing, spares, repairs and modifications, we offer a complete service to all our clients.

We use our expertise to build to your specific needs.

That's why every single product that leaves our factory has its own unique identification number and detailed file in our archive.

So, no matter where or when you acquired your Houghton Parkhouse product, if you need a part, repair or modification, you can be certain we'll find a solution that's perfectly matched to your specific unit.



Our staff are our greatest asset and many members of our workforce are trained in-house by our senior Design Engineers and master craftsmen.

We value the continuity that comes with our low staff turnover. Over time, it allows every member of the team to develop an in-depth working knowledge of each product in our range.

We keep detailed records of all the techniques and processes we use, ensuring our skills base remains up-to-date and essential know-how is passed on to each new generation of apprentice craftsmen.



Concern for fuel-economy, efficient use of materials and product lifespan extends back to the very roots of the Houghton Parkhouse story. 

Like-for-like, today's Houghton Parkhouse transporters are the strongest, most fuel efficient and durable in operation.

We use intelligent design to get the most out of the raw materials we use and to maximise real-world fuel economy, while our modern manufacturing base is purpose built with energy efficiency in mind.

The skills of our workforce and choice of quality materials play their part too. For example, the paints we use contain a minimum of solvents and our experienced spray-shop operators make sure every drop goes into creating the perfect finish every time.